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Jan 17 Operation Desert Storm and air war phase begins at 3 a.m.
(Jan. 16 at 7 p.m. eastern time)
Jan 17 Iraq attacks Israel with seven Scud missiles
Jan 17 U.S. Patriot missile successfully intercepts first Scud over Dhahran, Saudi Arabia
Jan 18 President Bush authorizes the call-up of up to one million National Guardsmen and Reservists for up to two years
Jan 19 DoD announces deployment of Europe-based Patriot missiles and crews to Israel
Jan 19 Czech military report a nerve agent detection that occurred near Hafar al Batin; and later, on January 24, 1991, they have a report of discolored sand near KKMC
Jan 19 A very loud noise was heard throughout the entire Al Jubayl area. General Quarters was sounded and Mission Oriented Protective Posture level four was implemented throughout the area
Jan 19 Reported Scud missile is intercepted by a Patriot missile near King Fahd Military Airport. Metal piece from Scud submitted to Presidential Advisory Committee on September 18, 1995, for evaluation
Jan 25 Iraq creates massive oil slick in Gulf
Jan 29 Iraqis attack Khafji, Saudi Arabia
Jan 31 Iraq captures first U.S. female prisoner of war
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