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This timeline shows the major events of the United States' involvement in the United Nations' action to liberate the nation of Kuwait from occupying Iraqi forces.


Aug 2 Iraq Invades Kuwait
Aug 7 Operation Desert Shield begins
Aug 7 First U.S. forces—F-15 Eagle fighters from Langley Air Force Base, Virginia—arrive in Saudi Arabia
Aug Beginning in August 1990, U.S. Navy preventive-medicine personnel and scientists began evaluating disease risks among deployed troops
Aug 12 First Operation Desert Shield-related U.S. death
Aug 22 President George Bush authorizes first call-up of Selected Reservists to active duty for 90 days, by executive order
Call-up widened in subsequent authorizations; period of service extended to 180 days on Nov 12, 1990, by executive order
Sept A group of approximately 16 Department of Defense civilians from Anniston Army Depot established the first large-scale, in-theater painting operation at the port of Ad Dammam
Sept A team from the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research arrives in the Gulf to begin the first of several efforts to discuss with soldiers issues such as stress and psychological status
Dec 21 Food and Drug Administration issues the Interim Rule, "Informed Consent is Not Feasible" (FR 52814)
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