TAB H – Changes in this Report

Interim Report – December 7, 2000

We originally published this narrative on February 21, 1997. After that time, we intensified our efforts to address the five questions that had remained unanswered in the first publication and to fully understand the effect of the demolition operations on US soldiers. Hundreds of additional veterans’ interviews provided answers to the remaining questions from the first publication. Research added insight into Iraq’s chemical munitions markings and the ambiguous information that existed among US forces on the last day of the war. We greatly expanded the discussion of the government’s response to an increased number of unexplained illnesses among Gulf War veterans and the subsequent discovery of the Khamisiyah demolitions. The intelligence community provided new details that enabled us to remodel the Pit demolition with greater confidence and publish refined potential hazard areas. Improved source term data from the CIA, better unit location data, and revised modeling techniques contribute critical improvements to the revised modeling efforts, which we address in this updated narrative.

We published a second interim report of this narrative on December 7, 2000, and made the following additional changes to the paper:

Final Report – April 2002

We occasionally received new information from veterans inquiring about their inclusion or exclusion from the possible hazard area. After reviewing each request, we have notified the veteran (and any others affected) of the results of the review, including any change in their possible exposure status. Accounting for these changes has revised the number of possibly exposed personnel to 101,752 versus the previous 100,923. Examples of some of the reasons for change include:

As a result of the updates since the previous publication, the number of possibly exposed personnel now stands at 101,752 versus the previous 100,923. Otherwise, except for minor editorial changes, we have not changed information provided in this report.

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