TAB E - M258A1 Skin Decontamination Kit

The M258A1 skin decontamination kit replaced the M258 in 1982[151] and consists of a plastic case and six packets (Figure 8[152] ). Three packets are marked "DECON 1 WIPE" and each contains a gauze pad soaked with a decontamination solution. The other three packets are marked "DECON 2 WIPE" and each contain a gauze pad and glass ampoules filled with decontamination solution. Instructions for use are marked on the case and packets.[153] Common usage when discussing the M258A1 kit is to omit the A1 designation.

Figure 8. M258A1 Skin Decontamination Kit

The contents of the decontamination packets are listed in Table 2. Subject matter experts at Soldier Biological and Chemical Command have reported that the caustic effects of using either kit are not likely to be significantly different. If anything, the older M258 kit might be more caustic to the skin. Whether any interaction occurs with other bleach solutions if used after the M258A1 wipes is unclear, according to Soldier Biological and Chemical Command subject matter experts.[154]

Table 2. M258A1 Skin Decontamination Kit Packets[155]

Decon Wipe Paket 1 (4.5 milliliters)

Decon Wipe Packet 2 (5.3 milliliters)

Ethanol 72 percent Ethanol 44 percent
Phenol 10 percent Zinc chloride 5 percent
Sodium hydroxide 5 percent Water 51 percent
Ammonia 0.2 percent

Chloramine B vial inside capsule (sodium benzenesulphonochloramine)

(16 grams)
Water 12.8 percent

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