The full text of the revised Terms of Reference, signed on February 1, 1994, by John Deutch, is as follows:

You are requested to establish a Defense Science Board Task Force regarding the possible exposure of personnel to chemical and biological weapons agents and other hazardous material during the Gulf War and its aftermath. The purpose of this Task Force is to review all available intelligence and reports of detection of the post war period. The Task Force should also review scientific and medical evidence relating to exposure to nerve agents at low levels and long term health effects. A similar review should be conducted for other potential health consequences resulting from low level chemical exposure, environmental pollutants, Kuwait oil fires, endemic biologics or other health hazards. The Task Force may can upon an sources in making its appraisal and should be briefed on background evidence concerning the possession of CW agents and their use in other settings; however, judgments should be focused on Desert Storm as described above. All DoD-related elements who have technical capabilities that can be brought to bear on this analysis should provide support to this effort. In addition, the Task Force should look at the health-related studies on-going in other governmental agencies.

The Under Secretary of Defense (Acquisition & Technology) will sponsor this Task Force. Dr. Joshua Lederberg will serve as Chairman of the Task Force. Colonel Frank Cox, USA, of the Office of the Assistant to the Secretary of Defense (Atomic Energy) will serve as Executive Secretary. LTC John Dertzbaugh, USA, will be the Defense Science Board Secretariat representative. The Office of the USD(A&T) will provide funding and other support as may be necessary. It is not anticipated that this Task Force will need to go into any "particular matters " within the meaning of Section 208 of Title 18, U.S. Code, nor will it cause any member to be placed in the position of acting as a procurement official. An interim report should be provided by March 31, 1994, and a final report completed by June 15, 1994.