The Under Secretary of Defense (Acquisition & Technology) established the Defense Science Board (DSB) Task Force on Persian Gulf War Health Effects to review:

Members of the Persian Gulf War Health Effects Task Force are:

Dr. Joshua Lederberg          The Rockefeller University
Dr. George M. Whitesides      Harvard University
Dr. Paul Doty                 Professor Emeritus, Harvard University
Dr. Abba I. Terr              Stanford University Medical Center
Dr. Joseph Bunnett            University of California, Santa Cruz
Dr. John D. Baldeschweiler    California Institute of Technology
Dr. Margaret Hamburg          NYC Commissioner of Public Health
Major General Phil Russen,    Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine
US Army (retired)

The following Government and special advisors assisted the Task Force:

Government Advisors          Agency

Dr. Ruth Etzel               Centers for Disease Control, Department 
                             of Health & Human Services
Dr. Susan Mather             Department of Veterans Affairs

Dr. Ann Norwood              Uniformed Services University 
                             of the Health Services, 
                             Department of Defense

Special Advisors Agency Dr. Richard Miller Institute of Medicine, National Academy of Sciences Dr. Graham Pearson Director General, Chemical & Biological Defense Establishment, United Kingdom

Administrative and research support was provided by Colonel Frank Cox and Major Ben Hagar, Office of the Assistant to the Secretary of Defense (Atomic Energy).

Following a series of fact-finding meetings (Appendix A) the Task Force - developed the following principal conclusions and recommendations:

A. Conclusions

B. Recommendations