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Weaponization of BW Agents

              [ (b)(2) ]

Subject:  Weaponization of BW Agents

1.      Purpose. To provide the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of 
Staff with background information on Iraqi biological warfare 

2.      Major Points.

    a.              To date, Iraq is known to have produced the BW 
agents botulinum toxin and anthrax. It is believed these agents 
have been weaponized. Methods of delivery and are not known but 
could include artillery, rockets, aerial bombs, and/or aerosol 
generators. There is no evidence to indicate the Iraqis have 
developed BW warheads for missiles. There is unconfirmed evidence 
of testing of BW munitions in the summer of 1989.

    b.              There is no information available on the size 
of the Iraqi BW munitions stockpile.

    c.             Anthrax spores can survive for long periods in 
storage or after release. Botulinum toxin degrades rapidly with 
heat and light. Neither agent can be detected by U.S. detectors.  
The mask worn by U.S. troops will protect against both anthrax and 
botulinum toxin.


	[ (b)(6) ]

									[ (b)(2) ]


                                                 [ (b)(2) ]




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