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Downwind Chemical Vapor Hazard


          [ (b)(2) ]

SUBJECT: Downwind Chemical Vapor Hazard

1.      In response to your questions the following is submitted:

    a.                 There has been one report that
[  (b)(1) sec 1.3(a)(5)  ]   units near Rafha detected traces of a 
nerve agent on 22 January. They were dismissed as false readings 
because, at the time, those units were over 80 nm from the closest 
known airstrikes (at the airfield at Al Salman) and over 180 nm 
from the closest known CW storage facility. There are no other 
reports of CW or BW leakage resulting from airstrikes, nor is 
there any evidence of any outbreaks of illness/symptoms resulting 
from exposure to CW or BW agents.

    b.              Regarding hazards to friendly forces during 
the first half of February, there is little risk from airstrikes 
conducted to date. The only possible area of persistent hazard 
should be in the area immediately around the storage sites, and 
this is a purely speculative risk, since we have no current 
indication of collateral contamination. This assessment would 
apply equally to chemical and biological storage sites.

    c.              In the case of future airstrikes, friendly 
forces operating in the vicinity of suspected storage sites should 
exercise reasonable precautions against airborne hazards.

2.  (U) POC:       [ (b)(6) ]



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