TAB E - Changes in This Report

Version 2.0

The Presidential Special Oversight Board for Department of Defense Investigations of Gulf War Chemical and Biological Incidents reviewed the interim case narrative (Version 1.0) and wrote the special assistant as follows:

The Board agrees with OSAGWI's overall assessment. OSAGWI should consider the investigation complete, amend the narrative to address a minor finding … and change the report's title to read "Final Report" vice "Interim."[140]

A conclusion and recommendation accompanied the Board's finding:

  1. Finding. The empirical data necessary to support several statements about Fox MM-1 capabilities, especially in regard to blister agent (HD-mustard), do not exist.
  2. Conclusion. Statements comparing the relative sensitivities of various detection equipment to blister agent (HD) [sulfur mustard] have no documented support.
  3. Recommendations. OSAGWI should amend the narrative by eliminating … comparisons of the sensitivity of the MM-1 and other CWA detection equipment to mustard agent vapors.[141]

We have amended the interim narrative in accordance with the Board's concerns. We have removed comparisons of various chemical warfare agent detector capabilities, specifically regarding the abilities of various detection equipment to detect airborne blister agent vapors, e.g., sulfur mustard. No documented support exists regarding the MM-1's capability in that regard, because the MM-1 was intended primarily to detect, sample, identify, and mark areas of persistent liquid chemical warfare agent ground contamination (e.g., liquid blister agents). The MM-1 was not tested against blister agent vapors.[142] In addition, we conducted two additional interviews and information from those interviews is included in this narrative-of note an interview of the MM-1 operator after publication of the interim narrative. Finally, we made editorial improvements to the narrative for this final report. We have not received any new information about the material we presented in Version 1.0 (the interim narrative), nor have any additional leads developed to change the narrative's assessments.

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