TAB F - How Unit Locations Were Determined

The US Armed Services Center for Unit Records Research reviewed a large number of Gulf War unit records to determine unit locations, and therefore, obtain insight into locations of unit members, during the Gulf War. This review began in mid-1994 and information on unit locations has been added continuously into a database as locations are determined or corrected. The Center gathers unit location information from a wide variety of sources, including unit history data archives, operational logs, situation reports, after action reports, and historical reports.

To identify veterans who may have been under the downwind hazard areas, it was essential to determine their units’ locations during the period in question. Although veterans were either assigned or attached to specific units during the Gulf War, a unit’s location on a specific day may not necessarily pinpoint where an individual soldier was on that day. For example, the precise location of a soldier on patrol or in transit to another location would rarely be recorded.


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