"ANALYSES METAL PIECE - ERDEC," not signed or dated.

File on Sample #OTH22395, ERDEC, November 1996.

Incident Report 459001155, September 13,1995.

Incident Report 459001166, September 14, 1995.

Letter from Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense (Clinical Services), July 15, 1996.

Letter from Director, Persian Gulf War Veterans’ Illnesses Investigation Team, May 2, 1996.

Letter to Senator Rockefeller from the Office of the Secretary of Defense (Health Affairs).

Memorandum DAMI-ST-FM from IOS, Foreign Materiel Program, Department of the Army, Subject: [Redacted Name] SCUD Missile, October 3, 1995.

Memorandum for Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense (Clinical Services), Subject: Request from [Redacted Name], from PGI, December 8, 1995.

Memorandum for Director, Missile and Space Intelligence, Subject: Request for Analytical Support, dated December 5, 1995.

Memorandum for Record, Subject: SCUD Piece Referred to PGIT by [Redacted Name] for Analysis December 20, 1996.

Memorandum for Record from Director, Research and Technology, US Army Edgewood Research and Development Center, Subject: Analysis of Metal Scrap Final Report, December 12, 1995.

Memorandum, Subject: Analysis of Sample (Steel Fragment), MSIC, June 2, 1994.

PGIIT Status Report, Subject: SCUD Missile Part, no date.

Results of analysis, ERDEC analyst, October 13, 1995.

Special Study of the 347th’s Participation in Desert Shield/Desert Storm: January - December 1991, Vol. 1, Ninth Air Force Air Combat Command, USAF.  

USAF Message, Serial Number S/DQ/148-81, Defense Special Missile and Astronautics Center.


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