Tab D – Veteran Interview Questions

  1. Date assigned to duties involving retrograde equipment?
  2. Length of time involved with these duties? Or duration of exposure?
  3. Describe process. For example, wash rack operation, inspections, loading/unloading equipment, packaging, etc. Provide enough detail to allow for a complete and accurate description of the operation.
  4. What chemicals or cleaning agents were used, if any, in the process? Quantities? How and where were they stored?
  5. What wastes were generated? How and where were they stored? Disposed?
  6. Describe any personal exposure you may have had with this material.
  7. Number of people typically involved in the operation?
  8. What if any symptoms were experienced? When did they first appear?
  9. Others who may have experienced similar symptoms?
  10. Types of equipment cleaned?
  11. Personal protective equipment used?
  12. Any unusual or unique events or incidents associated with duties involving retrograde equipment?

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