TAB I - Veteran Interview Outline

Gulf War Veteran Call Back Outline:
Focus on Oil Well Fires

Name:________________________________________ Date:_______________

Unit:_______________________ Telephone:_______________________

1. Where were you located in Kuwait?

2. When and how long were you there?

3. What was the duration of your worst exposure to oil fire smoke?

4. Describe your experience during this period.

5. What personal protective equipment did you have available to protect you from oil fire smoke?

6. While in Kuwait, were there occasions where you were instructed to wear gas masks?

7. Did you use any other special equipment or were you given any special instructions when you were in the vicinity of oil well fires?

8. Did your exposure to the soot or smoke from the burning oil wells result in an immediate health effect? Please describe.

9. Had you ever had any of these types of symptoms before being deployed to Kuwait?

10. Were you ever diagnosed with any type of respiratory condition after arriving in Kuwait?

11. Have you been diagnosed with any type of respiratory condition since your return to the States?

12. What was your source of food and water?

13. Did you notice the presence of oil or soot in the water, food, or soil?

14. Narrative discussion:

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