A.   Communication Procedures

The vehicle commander and the rest of the crew must clearly understand, before the start of a conflict, what level of alert will be reported to the vehicle commander and what level of alarm will be reported to the higher command.

B.   Fox Tapes

During the Gulf War, there were no established procedures for archiving Fox MM-1 tapes. Fortunately, in this case, the Fox tapes were in the possession of a member of the Fox crew. Steps should be taken to ensure that all Fox results (tapes) are preserved.

C.   Training

The evidence on the Fox tapes implies that training of Gulf War Fox crews may have been insufficient. The rapid training program and the short time the crews had with the vehicles before departing for the Persian Gulf may have been causes. The current Fox vehicle classes at the US Army Chemical School are considerably longer.


This case is still being investigated. If additional information becomes available, it will be incorporated into a revised narrative. If you have records, photographs, recollections, or find errors in the details reported, please call 1-800-497-6261.

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