TAB F – Changes in this Report

Following publication of the interim Chemical Agent Resistant Coating (CARC) Environmental Exposure Report (EER) on February 22, 2000, comments were received from various veterans and from the Presidential Special Oversight Board (PSOB). This updated report has been written to include information based on additional research, interviews with veterans, consultation with subject matter experts, and new information that we have obtained since publication of the interim CARC EER. This report follows the same format as our interim report with limited editing to improve readability.

Based on new information from veterans the discussion of the civilian painters from Anniston, Alabama was modified to reflect that several of the painters have reported medical problems which they have associated with their exposure to CARC during the Gulf War. In addition, a paragraph was added to address the PSOB's request that we describe the efforts OSAGWI has taken to implement lesson learned and to enumerate the agencies with which OSAGWI has coordinated.

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