This case narrative focuses on three major events that took place in Al Jubayl, Saudi Arabia, during Operation Desert Storm and Desert Shield. These events are the "Loud Noise" event, the "SCUD Impact" event, and the "Purple T-shirt" event. A general discussion of Al Jubayl’s environment is also included because some veterans expressed concern over what hazardous materials they could have been exposed to while they were in Al Jubayl.

The information reported in this case narrative and the assessments made by investigators are based upon information that we have been able to uncover. We need to hear from you -- not only about your experiences in the vicinity of Al Jubayl, but also about any health problems you are experiencing which you think may be a result of your service during Operations Desert Shield /Desert Storm. If you have information that you believe would be of immediate value to us about the events at Al Jubayl, please call the DOD Incident Reporting Line at 1-800-472-6719.

If you are experiencing health problems you believe to be a result of your service in Operation Desert Storm/Desert Shield and you are eligible for health benefits through the Department of Defense, please call the COMPREHENSIVE CLINICAL EVALUATION PROGRAM at 1-800-796-9699.

If you are eligible for benefits provided by the Department of Veterans Affairs system, please call the PERSIAN GULF HELPLINE at 1-800-PGW-VETS.

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