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Unit: OTSG        

Parent Organization: HSC         

Box  ID: BX003205

Folder Title: PREVENTIVE MEDICINE SITUATION SUMMARY REPORT                                                    

Document Number:          7

Folder Seq  #:         34

                                  U N C L A S S I F I E D

                                       DESERT SHIELD
                                    13 - 26 OCTOBER 1990

              1. MISSION: No Change.


                 a. Enemy situation: No Change.

                 b. Friendly situation:
                      (1) Status of unit PVNTMED readiness: Reports indicate
              that some deployed units have not appointed Field Sanitation
              Te;%,mr-. Under provisions of AR 40-5 (Preventive Medicine)
              commanders of company sized units are required to appoint a Unit
              Field Sanitation Team (FST). Duties of the PST, described in
              FM 21-10 (Field Hygiene and Sanitation), include inspecting unit
              water containers and trailers, =it food operations, unit waste
              disposal practices; checking unit water supply for chlorine and
              disinfecting unit water supplies; monitoring and controlling
              insects in the unit area; and training unit personnel in
              individual preventive medicine measures.
                      (2) Status of preventive medicine aspects of NBC: A
              small percentage (5 percent) of soldiers may not be able to
              obtain an adequate facial fit with the current series of
              protective field masks (M9, M17Al, M17A2, M24 & M25). The new
              M40 series protective mask will provide an adequate fit for
              nearly 100 percent of users. The U.S. Army Chemical Research
              and Development Engineering Center (CRDEC) will provide
              information on how to obtain a prototype M40 series mask for
              soldiers that cannot obtain an adequate fit with other masks.
              CRDEC point of contact is R. Dewey, AUTOVON 584-5681/5762. See
              subject: Special Fitting for Agent Protective Masks.

                 C. Health status of the command:

                      (1) Immunization requirements: Pregnant soldiers are
              exempt from all immunizations, except influenza and diphtheria,
              under provisions of AR 600-8-101 and DA Message, May 1990,
              subject: Physical Profile for Pregnant soldiers. Pregnant
              soldiers automatically receive a T-3 physical profile. See
              Encl 2: Executive Summary, DAPE-MPH, 17 October 1990, subject:
              Pregnant Women Soldiers in Southwest Asia.

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