WITH MARINES IN OPERATION PROVIDE COMFORT                             79

                                    Pt0otograph courtesy of MajGeii Jay M. Garner, USA
The commamlers assigned to JTF Bravo at Zakho are an international contingent, including
Arnencan, British, Dutch, and French Marines. MajGen Jay M. Gan~r, USA (CG, JTF Bravo),
is seated center front row. The Amencan Marine commander, Col James L. Jones, Jr. (CO, 24th
ME U), is seated second from the nWhL LtCol Tony L. Corwin (CO, BLT 2/8) stands behind him.

med~anized task force. The rifle company was mounted in assault amphibian
vehicles reinforced by one LAV section and two combined antiarmor teams.
Battery H and il~e BLT's 81mm mortars were in direct support. Sea Cobras from
HMM-264 buzzed angrily overhead and additional air was available if needed.
The Iraqis grudgingly moved from one post after another as the Marines
advanced. Company F eventually moved about five kilometers south of Summayl
Village before stopping. Company G was immediately inserted by the Sea
Kmghts of HMM-264 and reinforced Company F. The BLT command element,
Company H, and Battery H established a fire support base at Muqbal on 9

                             Allied Forces

    The British forces assigned to Operation Haven, as the British called Provide
Comfort, were commanded by Major General Robin J. Ross, Royal Marines.
The command element was Joint Force Headquarters, drawn mostly from
Headquarters,  Commando   Forces. The    ground  combat element was  3d
Commando Brigade, with three commando battalions, an artillery regiment, and
an engineer squadron.  The British 40th Commando,    Royal Marines, was
temporarily under the tactical control of Task Force Alpha. The British 45th
Commando, Royal Marines, held Sirsenk and Al Amadiyah. The Dutch 1st
Amphibious   Combat  Group was  located   at Batufa. The 29th Commando

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