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File: 980811_sep96_decls7_0003.txt
Page: 0003
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Box ID = BX003208


File Cabinet = Week-38

Parent Organization = HSC

                 early Phases .-.f Cl-?PirjyMer-t. An Ln-:.r-ainat.? am,:.lint of -Lime was
                 spent c-@t'rectlnq 1.--qistical actil.iis c,e,-,@ause .:)f tn.s Protjl,?m. it
                 became :,E)vlc-tjs @,ar,i,/ on tnat                                          b,?wtween tne R@?serve
                 and Active c(.@inp.Dn@?rits                        to and J,.irinq mcoll-.Zation was -ilthet,
                 inacieciiiatp or totally missing. This lef@ one with the impres@icr.
                 that oee-mct)ilizati.@n @)lanning n,:?.?tlnqs -,j-?re -3 waste (@f VAl.jaol@
                 training time. Many items                                                              ,)eye not
                 -n tM@- th,@?eter be,-1-3us@ .-,f inaccir,3t.?                                            at tne
                 mobilization site.

                      ri. EFW Me:lzcal :@jppcrt

                      EPW meLjiral siippc@r@
                 Th,2 -init. We 4cro fortunate ti,at the                                      t)atii.? c-2suali-@@-s wkr-e
                 few, thus reoljclnq                      w,:,r@'ir@ar.. This. k:crnoined wi-tr, tne la,,c.:
                                              -reatpo a
                 nl_linaer c-f EPws.
                 riao the .:.Pp,::,rti-ini,.y tc- tt,eat wounds anc;                                                                not
                                                      ,n 3ny                                              t)dDiti,-Irizilly. -anti
                 pe'r-hac)s trtjt,e itrr3.-,r@lantly. -,j-? nac the                                               affect
                 international goc.,3 will                                      ti,@riendl-kis n--j!nai)itar-ian
                 ,!hat will .-zei-tainiv be                                         t.:. th.? EP,.qs' h,:.rp.-Planu.

                      E. C-Drqminicatic,ns

                      As with a        ' I tni . i ''ar Y -,Pe f, a t i,:@n s .     -'R..irir,.-jnlcat        I c, .-,v,uc , a!
                 thp hospital settlrq. 'Tr,.e Vs,,! Si-le                           of -in
                 ,:c,:f)r)c)un(3 anti tr)t? nqeci f.:r inrn@diEit@                                  fr,:,m all s@,C.17,ns :,f
                 the nOSPlEai demand a                                    anti r,e.,iaLle .:,,:-rnm,-tnic@-ti,Dn syst@ri.
                 7he eauimm-?rit                              ov the @t-irrcnt I@TCIE a...@S nC.,'                                   for
                 an adequate system. It was nocessav,y t.,, si-tpnl.?tiient @he field
                 Phone and switchboard syst-er.,. with a id@jL)11--: .@socit-@ss kPA) syste.@n
                 and Portable. re,:,r,.arq,:,able -@,--way r-aci.-.s. The F'A syst@ro was
                 necessary f(..r enemy tnreat alerts. MA':.'-ALs -2nci emergency Pat3inq.
                 Tn-? redi,@c wev-e ess-d.?ntial during MA@@FAL situations when
                 decisions had t--- zi-7 rqaci.? r-@ipicily and thq det:lsir@n ;na@@ev-s wqt---?
                 s,:atterec tnrci-i( .r).? .:criple@:. Arit3iti.@-na"iy. tne@ ('acii:.s sav-?(J
                 countless inanncur's during t,,7.--it,.ne c.t,,Pr-ati-Dns cy -?:irninat,ng
                 tifn,?-consliming meetings anc travel.

                      F. 1'.1-irnmaly

                      Thr-c-tiqhc, years of qes.?r-v,? activities. -.4.? have lad myriad
                 administrative retirements t.-, deal with during limit.?c3 tt'aini"
                 tim@. We nave been worvinq tender tn-? alsurnpt,.,jn that tnes-?
                 requirements wer,e nec.@essaw,y !.-. maintain a riiqrl m,-,o,lizati@in
                 readiness c)r@st--ire. ti@,wever. after witnessing tn.? actua'                                       '
                 activation, laot)lllzation and                                                  .nis anO c-tt@er
                 it is my -:.-inclusion ttiat Pt-,..)rit,es iplist be cr,.@inc                            'iec. M.:-rt, Time
                 must be (levi',tea to fiplci training                                            wn-er-e soldiers Dec.:.rf,.e
                                         'to the                    environment una-2r, wnict-t they r(lust
                 ft.1n.:ti.@nand where (hey car receive? t,.ar,(Is-c-n tt,,ntning with tne
                 ,?ciuipm.:?nt. in aodition, trie tt-.B3iic.4 rntst L,)- inc,t-e mission
                 Frit- example. Pei-scr).n,-21 such as 'lisp who w,:,-v, in ti).?c3ica@ s,ir)pl@,
                 must have more i3r-3cti.:,al training @-att)@t- tnan devoting trieir- ti.,ne
Unit = OTSG        
Parent = HSC         

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