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Subject = CMD RPT ODS   17 MAR 91 AMD CDRS SUMMARY   17 MAR 91

Box ID = BX003208

Folder Title = 251ST EVAC HOSP-ANNEX E ODS

File Cabinet = Week-38

Parent Organization = HSC

                                 251ST EVACUATION HOSPITAL
                           AMERICAN UNIT, ARMED FORCES HOSPITAL
                          KKMC, SAUDI ARABIA APO NEW YORK 09734

                                                                     17 March 1991

           MEMORANDUM FOR Commander, 803rd Medical Group, APO NY 09734

           SUBJECT: Command Report Operation Desert Storm

           1. Ihe following is a narrative summary of the activities of the
           251st Evacuation Hospital during the period 16 January to present.
           (Operation Desert Shield/Storm)

           2. The 251st Evacuation Hospital operated in conjunction with host
           nation in a fixed facility. Upon arrival, we opened up the MICU,
           SICU and burn units. We expanded the operating rooms from 2 rooms
           to 13. The bed availability was increased by 75 %. In addition,
           the closed hospital annex with its additional pharmacy was opened to
           serve as a minimal care ward.   Other facilities expanded were:
              a. Eye clinic
              b. X-ray - CAT SCAN
              c.  Dental clinic
              d.  Psychiatry
              e.  Emergency room services

           3. The statistical figures on admissions, dispositions and other
           administrative patient data are compiled in attachment 1.

           4. On 15 January 1991, a formal meeting was convened of joint
           administrative staffs. The MOTA hospital's internal disaster plan
           was reviewed and deficiencies were noted.    Lack of alert system,
           in-hospital communication procedures, NBC procedures, shelter
           preparations and safety precautions were all addressed. The various
           unit sections began initial coordination with host nation
           counterparts. The first priority was to identify shortages of
           equipment and medical supplies and begin acquiring these items
           through both the Saudi and US supply systems. The next priority was
           familiarization of US personnel with the Saudi system and building
           of relationships among the multi-national staff. Once this was
           accomplished, medical skills were assessed, deficiencies noted, and
           appropriate training was initiated.    These improvements allowed the
           hospital to operate more effectively by increasing the number of
           patients which could be admitted.

           5. The Saudi Hospital initially could not function to the US level
           of care with which the 251st Evacuation Hospital was tasked. The
           above changes were necessary in order to raise the level of care
           that could be provided.

           DECLASSIFIED ON 10 APR 98
           BY SEC ARMY (ADA)
           SEC3.5 EO 12958
Unit = OTSG        
Parent = HSC         

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